9: Chico Club

The Chico Club
117 S. 6th Street

“One of the fine new buildings in Boise,” heralded the Idaho Statesman newspaper in 1935 about Augustin and Petra Belaustegui’s newly completed construction on the Belaustegui Hotel & Basque Boarding House. A few years later, part of the hotel became “The Chico Club” which, according to the lease, was for “social and recreational affairs, and not for any other purpose.” The club became an important gathering place for both Basque and non-Basque male and female members. Upon opening, the newspaper reported that the building’s owner, Mrs. Patxa Belaustegui, and the club’s managers, her son and daughter Petra and Angel Belaustegui, “entertained a group of 35 guests” in fine Basque tradition, providing a meal featuring “barbecued lamb” which was followed by dancing. The Chico Club building heralds an appropriate entry to the Basque Block from downtown Boise, echoing a sense of community present on this street for generations.  The building is now home to the Basque restaurant Leku Ona (founded in 2005).

Interior View of the Chico Club:

Leku Ona Restaurant

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