8: Grove Street Warehouse

The Grove Street Warehouse
608/610/612 Grove Street

Leafy Lombardy poplars, dazzling rose bushes, lush gardens, circular walks, stately homes, and huge churning waterwheels along a wide avenue provide an early picture of Grove Street. For many years, a home on Grove Street was a premiere address in Boise. A visitor in 1883 wrote, “During the long seasons of leaves and flowers, and of bright, sunny days, a stroll along Grove Street is like a ramble amid fields Elysian.” President Benjamin Harrison, on a visit to Boise in 1891, requested a visit to Grove Street, where he was fascinated by the series of waterwheels. But the prestige of Grove Street began to fade near the turn of the century; new avenues, such as “Springs” and “Harrison,” drew away many of those seeking an elite home. The Grove Street Warehouse was instrumental to the renaissance of Boise Basque culture as it houses two new additions to the Basque Block: The Basque Market (founded in 2000) and Bardenay, a restaurant and distillery.

Local businesses now operating in the Warehouse:

The Basque Market


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