4: Anduiza Hotel and Fronton Building

The Anduiza Hotel and Fronton Building
619 Grove Street

Juan and Juana Anduiza constructed this building in 1914 as a boarding house for Basque sheepherders who wintered in Boise. The indoor pelota court, or fronton, was an added community attraction, often doubling as a dance hall. At 32.5 meters long and 12 meters high, it was the longest handball court in Boise.

The “opening game” was played on Anduiza’s court to a full house on January 29, 1915. Now the court is the only fronton still in existence in Boise. Raymond J. Briggs purchased the building and preserved the court, the largest in the Northwest. Still in use, it provides a link for today’s Boise Basque community to a traditional sport of the homeland.

Source: Henry Alegria, 75 Years of Memoirs

Inside view of the fronton:

Historical Photos of Interior and Exterior, c. 1925
(Photos Courtesy of Boise by Burns):

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