2: Cyrus Jacobs/Uberuaga House

The Cyrus Jacobs/Uberuaga House

607 Grove Street

The Cyrus Jacobs home, built in 1864, is the oldest surviving brick dwelling in Boise. Jacobs, a prominent merchant and mayor of Boise, lived here for almost 40 years. Beginning in 1910, the house became the residence of Basque families–first the Galdos, then the Bicandis, and finally, in 1917, Jose and Hermegilda Uberuaga. Here these families provided a “home away from home” for sheepherders and other boarders. In 1983, Adelia Garro Simplot purchased the property from the Uberuagas to preserve the rich tapestry of Idaho Euskaldunak history. This dream became a reality in 1985 when the Basque Museum and Cultural Center acquired the house. It now stands as a tribute to Basque boarding house life in America.

The Uberuaga family in front of their home at 607 Grove in 1921:

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