13: “Pala Court” Fronton

The “Pala Court” Fronton
512 W. Idaho Street

This fronton was built in 1911 by Jose Uberuaga, a carpenter who owned the Star Rooming House at 512 W. Idaho. Like most Basque frontons, the court was made of stone and cement, and Uberuaga’s fronton also had a canopy. Uberuaga used this fronton to teach Basque youths, such as Henry Alegria, how to play Basque sports. “He took me in and I was his protege…in doubles, ‘pala games,’ or handball,” Alegria wrote in his memoir. Because the court was adjacent to the Boise City Fire Department, it often presented an attraction for firemen who would “climb the wall and watch the games.”

Source: Henry Alegria, 75 Years of Memoirs

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