11: Boarding House

Boarding House
211 S. 6th Street

Now the home of “Spit Shade Tattoo,” this building functioned as a Basque boarding house from 1909 to 1921. Jose Uberuaga, a ubiquitous figure in Boise’s early Basque community, was listed as the primary owner of the boarding house in 1911.

Although Uberuaga had been a resident of Reno, Nevada for a time upon first arriving to the United States, he eventually relocated to Idaho, believing that it would offer him better opportunities. With two friends and a horse, Uberuaga traveled from Reno to Boise, enduring the suffering of his twelve-day trek through the desert with “great strength of spirit.” Uberuaga became recognized as one of Boise’s best citizens and businessmen, and was the owner of a restaurant (“Vasco”) as well as the Star Rooming House and adjacent fronton.

Source: Sol Silen, La historia de los Vascongados en el oeste de los Estados Unidos

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